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Blah Blah Belch


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Deacon Knight
20 March
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I'm an indy pro wrestler with bad knees. But on the upside I have a baby girl named August. I work a dead end job. Most of my friends live miles and miles and miles away. Pretty dull, other than August and the wrestling.
70's, a, aim, aj styles, anime, apple jacks, banky edwards, bare naked ladies, beat it, beegees, bruce lee, burger king, cactus jack, cartoons, chasing amy, chicken, chris jericho, christopher daniels, clerks, cm punk, colour d&d, dave matthews band, dcw, deacon knight, deacon knight vs derranged, derranged, dexter, dexter's lab, disco stu, dogma, dr. pepper, dragon ball z, eating, ecw, fantasy novels, fantasy worlds, final fantasy vii, fmw, friends, fuck c.m., full metal jacket, gambit, george carlin, ghostbusters, girls, grilling, half-baked, hayabusa, heavey metal, indiana jones, indy wrestling, instant mashed potatoes, internet, jack black, jason lee, jay and silent bob, jeff hardy, jet li, jimi hendrix, johnny bravo, justice friends, justin credible, lewis black, linkin park, magic the gathering, mail addressed to me, major glory, mallrats, martial arts, marvel comics, mega man, mega man x, micheal jackson, micheal shane, mick foley, microwave burritos, movies, mr burns, mr mcmonney is gay, music, myself, nachos, nwa tna, piercings, pizza, pizza pockets, pool, porn, power trip, pro-wrestling, pure wrestling, randy orton, ric flair, ring of honor, rob van dam, rogues, ron jeremy, rp, sabu, sadistic garden matches, saturday night fever, shane mcmahon, shawn micheals, sleeping, smooth criminal, spiderman, staind, steak, street fighter, street fighter alpha 3, styx, sweet chin music, tatoos, technification, tenacious d, terry funk, the colour blue, the extreme icon, the hardy boyz, the letter j, the modern day classic, the modern day dynasty, the monday night war, the rock, the simpsons, the transformers, thriller, tom jones, tomb raider, val halen, video games, view askew, wcw, wizards of the coast, wolverine, wrestling, wwe, x-men, zero, zero one

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